Gear Pumps Koshin GL-13-5

Specification :

Since the pump is of high-quality, finished at the same accuracy as hydraulic pump, it can be applied to a wide range of activities from low-viscosity oil such as kerosene, light oil, etc. to medium/high-viscosity oil.

Since the pump is a bypass valve built in type, and is equipped with relief function, it can be used safely.


Type : GL-13-5

Material : Cast iron

Connection Diameter “: PS13m/m (0.5”)

Maximum Pressure : 0.5 MPa

Delivery Volume (50 hz/1450 rpm) : 17 l/min 4.5 U.S.G/min

Power (HP) : 0.5 and 1

Speed : 4 P

Pump Shaft Diameter : 18 m/m

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