Pompa Pedrollo CKR Series

Pompa pedrollo type CKR adalah pompa air centrifugal Slf-Priming untuk air bersih, yang tidak bersifat korosif, tidak mengandung lumpur atau pasir.

Pompa ini cocok digunakan untuk rumah tangga seperti kebun. Taman, mengisi bak kolam maupun untuk industri. Instalasi yang mudah, tampilan pompa yang kompak, dan tidak memakan bnyak ruangan saat pemasangan.

Performance Range :

  • Flow rate up to 50 l/min (3 m³/h)
  • Head up to 51 m

Application Limits :

  • Manometric suction lift up to 9 m (HS)
  • Liquid temperature between  -10°C and +40°C
  • Temperature of diesel up to +55°C
  • Ambient temperature between  +40°C
  • Maximum working pressure 6 bar
  • Continuous Service S1

Instalation and Use

Suitable for use with clean water or liquids that do not contain abrasive particles and liquids that are not chemically aggressive towards the materias from which the pump is made.

As a specific result of the pum’s operating principle they are suitable for use in all situations where a compact self-priming pump is required or where the fluid supply is limited, irreguler or contains air

The pump should be installed in an enclosed environment, or at least sheltered from inclemet weather.


PUMP BODY Cast iron with stainless steel insert to prevent impeller due to the formation of rust. The pump body is complete with threaded ports in compliane with ISO 228/1
MOTOR BRACKET Aluminium with brass insert (patended), reduces the risk of impeller seiure
IMPELLER Brass, star type with open radial vanes
MOTOR SHAFT Stainless steel EN 10088-3-1.4104
MECHANICAL SEAL Seal Shaft Materials
Model Diameter Stationary ring Rotational ring Elastomer
AR-12V ø 12mm Ceramic Graphite Viton
BEARINGS 6203 ZZ / 6203 ZZ
CAPACITOR Pump Capacitance
Single-phase (230 V or 240 V) (110 V)
CKRm 80E 16μF 450 VL 60 μF 300 VL
CKRm 90E 20μF 450 VL 60 μF 300 VL
ELECTRIC MOTOR CKRm : Single-phase 230 V – 50 Hz with thermal overload protector incorporated into the winding
CKR : three-phase 230/400 V- 50 Hz


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