Torishima Pump CDM Series

TORISHIMA double suction volute pump CDM is newly deigned with the most advaned hydraulic, providing less noise and vibration, wider operation range, lower NPSH requires and higher efficiency.

Particular in the pump efficiency, CDM is remarkably better that other brands, contributing to grat cost reduction in operation.


  • Energy Industry : Water intake, distribution, boosting, circulating, drainage, fire-fighting
  • Environmental Protection Facilities : Water intake, distribution, boosting, drainage
  • General Industries : Water intake, distribution, boosting, circulating, drainage, sea water desalination, fire-fighting
  • Building : water supply, drainage, distric heating and cooling
  • Water works : water intake, distribution, water supply
  • Agriculture : Irrigation, drainage
  • Others : Pipe line boosting

Standard material :

  • Volute casing : cast iron, ductile iron, stainless steel
  • Impeller : Cast iron, bronze, stainless steel
  • Shaft : Carbon steel, chrome-molybdeum, stainless steel
  • Shaft sleeve : Bronze, stainless steel

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