Trundean Pump TMD-25

Magnetic Drive Pump is made of anti-corrosion, thermoplastic GFR-PP or PVDF materials and easy to load and unload. Magnetic drive pumps can be applied to wide variety of fields, such as sea-farming, PCB assembly process, chemical works and surface treatment of metals. The magnet-driven seal less pumps are easy for assembly and disassembly; no special tools needed to replace parts. Furthermore, the free seal feature makes the pump best foe applications which not allowing any leakage.

Features :

  • Suprior combination of materials and a leak-free, sealles design
  • Excellent corrosion resistant material such as carbon ceramics.
  • Designed with an emphasis on improved durability
  • Excellent corrosion resistant
  • Featureng enhanced reliability and safety
  • The eries can be arranged with NEMA or IEC standard motor.
  • Easy maintenance disassembly and assembly

Specification Table :

Type : TMD – 25

Bore inlet : 26 mm

Bore Outlet : 26 mm

Inlet Outlet : PF 1″
Union : 20 mm

Max. Cpacity : 118/119 L/min

Max. Head : 12/12

S.G : 1.2

Motor :
1 or 3 phase
Output : 250 W

Pole : 2

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