Pompa Celup Grundfos Unilift CC Series


The unilift CC is a single-stage submersible drainage pump, designed for the pumping of drain water and grey wastewater. The Unilift CC can pump down to a water level of 0.12″ above the floor by removing the strainer. The unilift CC is suitable for permanent as well as temporary installation. The Unilift CC is fitted with a non-return flap valve in the outlet in order to prevent backflow from the piping system. An adaptor ensures good connections to 3/4″, 1″, or 1 1/4″ outlets.

The strainer is made of stainless steel, while the main pump parts, e.g. the sleeve and pump housing, are made of moulded composite materials.

Features :

  • Corrosion-free, lightweight composite sleeve
  • Strong stainless steel strainer
  • Stainless steel inside for maximum strenght
  • Remove water to as low as 0.12″

Applications :

  • Washing machines, baths, sinks, etc.
    Low-lying parts of building up to sewer levels
  • Cellar or buildings prone to flooding
  • Draining wells
  • Collecting wells for surface water with inlets from roof gutters, tunnels etc.
  • Swimming pools, ponds or fountains.
Unilift CC 5A
0.24 kW
6 m3
5 m
Unilift CC 7A
0.38 kW
10 m3
7 m
Unilift CC 9A
0.78 kW
14 m3
9 m

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