GIN PUMP Submersible WQD Series

Product Introduction :

WQD series pump with open runner impeller which is specially designed has super strong capacity. SO the pump not only won’t be blocked because of sucking in solid particle and fiver impurity but also avoid easily spring because of sucking-in abrasive grain, especially used to sewage irrigaion, construction site, coal, mine, metallurgy, dying and textile industry etc. Water pump with float switch is an automatic control type after water level declines to below submersed surface. Float ball will automatically sink then the pump will stop work after water level increase. Float ball will be increase automatically  then the pump begins running. The protective function prevents motor damage due to dry running of the pump. It saves and needs no tender, very convenient and reasonable for usage.

Using Range

  • Submersible depth : 5m
  • Liquid temperature up to <40° C
  • Ambient temperature up to <40° C
  • The maximum diameter of the solid grain going through. The pump has not to be larger than 50% of pump outlet.



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