GIN PUMP Submersible WQK. AS Series

General Introduction to Products :

WQK series cutting submerged sewage discharge pump (referred to as electrical pump hereunder) consists of three components, water pump, selaing, and electrical motor. The motor is mounted on top of pump and of three -phase asynchronized types. Double-face mechanic sealing is mounted between pump and motor O shaped oil-proof rubber sealing ring is used at each staionary port as static sealing. This series pump applies advanced foreign tehnology, open single-vane impeller and unique structure. A an ideal sewage discharge pump, it has perfect block-free performance and can cut and tear apart long filaments, plastic strips and toilet paper to ensure smooth water flow.


Main Applicaton :

This pump series widely used for sewage treatment of city construction and sewage and waste discharge for architecture projects, hotel, mine, pond, dyeing and printing, paper making and textile industries, It is the ideal tool for transportation of sludge, slurry, living sewage, and feces and stale wastes and solid grains containing fiber, paper chips, sandy soil etc.


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