Pompa Centrifugal CNP Booster Equipment DRL,DHF Series


Specification and Application
DRL series constant pressure frequency conversion water supply system is composed of newest great performance PID frequency conversion controlling cabinet and more than 2 pumps. It is the top technical water boosting equipment, which can automatically adjust to satisfy the requirement of constant pressure, variable water demand.  The pressure of water supply net can be kept constant. The whole water supply system can be at best effective, energy saving, perfect status. There are two ways of water supply, they are frequency convention water supply and pressure water supply. Frequency water supply is automatically adjust the rotation speed of one pump or run/stop one or more pumps, which is the best water supply way to keep the water supply net to be stable. It is easy to use.

1. Solve the low pressure problem: Use the constant pressure, frequency conversion water supply system to keep the pressure stable of the whole building.
2. To avoid the pollution of the tank on the top of the roof. It takes place the traditional roof tank water supply way, erase the source of water pollution.
3. Deduce the building cost, enlarge the square: It erase the traditional roof tank, less the force of the building, simple structure, cost deduced.
4. Energy saving, deduce the space: It can save energy more than 30%, compared to normal water supply equipment. It occupy little space, easy to install, shorten working period.
5. High quality, PC controls: Invented by us, have multi-function, can supply high standard precise control. It is arrived to the advance level in the world.

• Residential water supply: High building, residential area, villa, etc.
• Public places: Hospital, university, gymnasium, golf course, airport, etc.
• Commercial building: Hotel, office building, department store, large-scale sauna center.
• Irrigation: Park, playing round, garden, farm, etc.
• Manufacturing industry: Manufacturing, lavation equipment, food industry, factory, etc.

Flow Rated
2 ~ 500 m³/h
Total Head
8 ~ 300 m
Liquid Temperature
-15°C ~ +70°C
Stainless Steel 304 / 316
Type Max Flow Head
[m³/h] [m]
2 DRL 200 76
3 DRL 300 76
4 DRL 400 76
5 DRL 500 76

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