TACMINA V40 STST Motor – Driven Metering Pump the rotary motion of the motor is converted to reciprocating motion by the eccentric cam mechanism which causes the volume displacement to transfer the fluid at a constant rate.

TACMINA V40 STST Motor – Driven Metering Pump is used for applications in which durability is paramount such as those requiring 100% duty cycle or involving an important process, but where pulsation is not an issue.

Points on model selection :

  • Direct drive diaphragm type
  • Double diaphragm type
  • Hydraulic diaphragm type
  • Hydraulic double diaphragm type
  • Plunger type

Features :

  • IP65 Rated Enclosure
    This series offer drastically improved dust and water resistance.
    Be sure to observe the specifications indicated in the operation manual, including ambient temperature (0 to 40 deg.) and installation location (location with good drainage)
  • Warranty

Pumps for Specific Purposes :

  • Acidic chemical pump
    For sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, PAC, aluminum sulfate, etc.
    Liquid end part : VTCF/ FTCT
  • Caustic soda pump
    For caustic soda, etc
    Liquid end part : VTCE/ STST
  • Sodium Hypochlorite pump
    For sodium hypochlorite (Anti gas lock measures)
    Liquid end part : ATCF
  • Boiler chemical pump
    For boiler cleaning solutions, pH adjuster, etc ( High pressure injection support)
    Liquid end part : VTCET
  • Polymer pump
    For polymer coagulant, etc ( up to 2,000 mPa’s)
    Liquid end part : VTSE/ VTSF

Performance Specification :

Maximum discharge volume43 mL/ min
2.58 l/h
0.68 US G/h
Maximum discharge pressure0.5 mPa 5 bar 72.5 psi
Stroke speed60 (strokes/ min)
Max. stroke length2 mm
Liquid viscosity100 mPa’s
Weight5.7 kg

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