JYWQ Series Automatic stir submersible sewage pump

Product Instructions :
JYWQ, JPWQ series automatic stir sewage pump is on the basis of modifications sewage pump that use automatic mixing device, the device with the motor shaft rotation, produce a strong mixing power, stir the sediments in sewage tanks into suspended solids and inhale to pump and discharge, improve the anti-blocking and drainage capacity to complete drainage, clean up, remove silt, saving the cost of running, it is an obvious advanced and practical environmentally-friendly product.
Application :
  • Factories, commercial waste water emissions
  • Urban sewage treatment plants, hospitals, hotels drainage system
  • Residential sewage treatment station
  • The pumping station of Civil air defense system, water supply installations of waterworks.
  • Municipal engineering, construction sites.
  • Exploration, mining, power plants, matching attached machine.
  • Rural biogas digesters, irrigation, pood dredging.

Work Conditions :

  1. Medium temperature does not exceed 60°C, medium degrees 1-1.3 kg/dm³PH in the 4-10 range
  2. 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel is applicable to a variety of corrosive media.

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