QY Series Oil Dipping Pump

Main Application :
The series pumps boast wide range of flow and delivery and are extensively used for electrical irrigation, forest water spraying, under-well water pumping, water tower deliver and urban construction water supply and discharge forfarms, villages, industrial and mining enterprise.
General Introduction to Product :
QY Oil-dipping pump (referred to as electrical pump hereunder) consists of three components, water pump, sealing and electrical motor. The pump is mounted on top of motor and divided into centrifugal and axial flow typs. The motor is below the pump and divided into oil filled and three-phase asynchronized types. Built-in mechanic sealing box is used between the pump the motor. O shaped oil-proof rubber sealing ring is used at each staionary port as static sealing.
Conditions :
The pump can operate properly and continuously under following operation conditions.
  • Working medium carries no corrosives, sand contents shall be ma. 0.10% by volume and granular size shall be max. 0.20mm.
  • Medium temperature shall be lower than 40°C and PH shall be 6.5-8.5
  • The pumps shall operated within the nominal delivery range. The pumps shall be fully submerged into water with submerged depth of less than 3m and max.depth of 5m
  • The pump shall be min 0.5m over the water bottom and shall not be inserted into sludge
  • Power frequency shall be 50Hz, three-phase voltage 220V and voltage fluctuation shall be 0.9-1.1 times the nominal.

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