Tohatsu Fire Pump V20ES

Tohatsu Fire Pump V20ES Portable Fire Pump 198cc Tohatsu 2 strokes, air-cooled gasoline engine.

Tohatsu Fire Pump V20ES


  • Light weight and compact 
    Engine and pump castings made of anti-corrosive alluminum -alloy to reduce weight and prolong working life. The pump can be carried on a fireman’s back for limited distances when properly mounted on a backpack. When mounted on a truck, the compact design allows for more locker space for other fire equipment. It is suitable for forest fire fighting.
  • High pump performance 
    Engine and pump designed specifically for fire pumps by TOHATSU ensuring high pump performance for its class.
  • Unique auto choke carburetor 
    Equipped with TOHATSU’s unique auto choke carburetor on this model, the engine can start easier in all seasonal temperature conditions.
  • Oilless type vacuum pump 
    Tohatsu’s rotary vane vacuum pump can assure you quick priming of water in case of emergency.
    5.0 sec. at suction height 1m
    6.0 sec. at suction height 3m
    10.0 sec. at suction height 6m
  • Centralized control 
  • Stainless steel fuel tank 
    Stainless steel fuel tank can keep fuel prevent contamination from corrosion.
  • 90 degree rotating discharging port 
    Can be rotated freely through 90 degree allowing the direction of the delivery hose to be easily changed without moving the pump unit.
  • Starting system 
    In addition to the electric starter, a recoil starter is installed to guarantee starting under any condition. The pulling load of the recoil starter is reduced by engine exhaust by pass.


  • Type :   Tohatsu 2-stroke, single vertical cylinder, air cooled gasoline engine
  •  Bore & Stroke :  66mm x 58mm
  •  Piston displacement : 198cc (12.0 cu in)
  • Authorized output :   11.7PS/ 8.6 kW
  • Fuel tank : 3.5 liters
  • Fuel consumption : 4.9 liters/h.
  •  Ignition : Flywheel Magneto (C.D. Ignition)
  • Starting system : Starter motor, automatic recoil
  •  Lubrication :   Auto mixing (Separate oil tank)
  • Choke system : Auto choke
  •  Spark plug : NGK B7HS
  • Light bulb : 12V-35W
  • Battery : 12V-14Ah / 10h


  • Type :   Single suction, single stage, centrifugal pump
  • Discharge Thread and Dia. :  JIS fire thread (B-9912), 2-1/2″ male ; BSP 65mm (G 2-1/2″) male
  •  Suction Thread and Dia. : JIS fire thread (B-9912), 2-1/2″ male ;  BSP 65mm (G 2-1/2″) female
  •  Priming : Rotary-vane vacuum pump (Oil-less type)
  • Pump performance (Suction height: 3m) :
    525 liter/min. at 0.6 MPa 
    250 liter/min. at 0.8 MPa

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