APP Kenji Pump AL637

APP Kenji Pump AL637 to be use for great volume of water convey, river, channel, farming, aquatic pond, industrial drainage.

Character :

  • Shaft spread design, specially for great volume of water flow.
  • Easy to operate, no need high voltage power. More economic, and almost no vibration and noise
  • Pump body and pump casing made by alloy copper and stainless steel, reliable and corrosive-resist
  • Use grinding-resist double mechanical seal, reliable for sea water, muddy, waste water
  • Cable connector special designed with good water-resist
  • Precision designed short screws, easy to dismantle and assemble.
APP Kenji Pump AL637

Technical Specification APP Kenji Pump AL637 :

TypePowerCaliberPhaseVoltagePolarityStandard PerformanceMax PerformanceWeight
AL-8557 1/28″380V/415V45 3.58 4.5120
AL-10751010″380V/415V4558 7.5180
AL-12121512″380V/415V45 6.5710225
AL-12152012″380V/415V45 7.5711236

Dimension :

mmmmmm² x m
AL-6372706805.5 x 10
AL-8553409205.5 x 10
AL-107537011008.0 x 10
AL-121243010808.0 x 10
AL-121543011008.0 x 10

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