Gin Pump QD6-20

Gin Pump QD6-20/2-0.75 multistage submersible pump consists of pump, mechanical seal and motor.

Work Conditions :

The pump can work properly and continuously under following operational conditions :

  1. Medium is not corrosive. Sand contents should be maximum 0.10% by volume and granular size should be maximum 0.20 mm
  2. Medium temperature shouldn’t be over 40 deg. C and PH should be 6.5 – 8.5
  3. Should be operated within rated head
  4. Should be min. 0.5m over the water bottom and not be inserted into sludge
  5. Power frequency should be 50 Hz, single phase voltage 220V, three phase voltage 380 V, and voltage fluctuation should be 0.9-1.1 times than the rated
Gin Pump QD6-20

Application :

Gin Pump QD6-20/2-0.75 multistage submersible used in country side and industry for elevating water from well, irrigation, sprinkling and tower water supply, and also used in draining off water for building sites.

Technical Data :

ModelFlowHeadPowerVoltageDiameter of Necessary PipeRotary velocity
QD3-30/2-0.753 m³/h30 meter0.75 kW220 Volt1 inch/ 1.25 inch2860 r/ min
Q3-30/2-0.753 m³/h30 meter0.75 kW380 Volt1 inch/ 1.25 inch2860 r/ min
QD3-45/3-1.13 m³/h45 meter1.1 kW220 Volt1 Inch/ 1.25 inch2860 r/ min
Q3-45/3-1.13 m³/h45 meter1.1 kW380 Volt1 Inch/ 1.25 inch2860 r/ min
QD3-65/4-1.53 m³/h65 meter1.5 kW220 Volt1 Inch/ 1.25 inch2860 r/ min
QD3-80/5-1.853 m³/h80 meter1.85 kW220 Volt1 Inch2860 r/ min

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