Grundfos Pump CMBE5-62 designed for domestic and commercial water supply, pressure boosting, irrigation and dewatering applications. 



The integrated speed controller enables the CMBE booster to keep constant pressure in the pipe system.
A pressure sensor monitoring changes in the water consumption signals the speed controller to change motor speed to adapt performance to the new state.
The CMBE booster is very easy to install. When the system has been connected to the pipes, it is all a matter of inserting the plug into a power supply socket, and the system is operational.
The CMBE booster consists of the following:

  • CME pump with integrated frequency converter
  • Five-way valve
  • expansion tank
  • pressure gauge

The CMBE series is available in both 1×110-120V and 1×200-240V variants and uses energy efficient, permanent magnet motor technology, which provides unmatched reliability, quiet operation, and energy savings.

The Grundfos CMBE booster is mainly used for domestic and light commercial water supply or booster systems

Features :

  • Constant pressure via integrated speed control
  • Compact design
  • Robust, stainless steel design
  • Easy installation
  • Low energy consumption
  • Dry-running protection
  • Noise level below 55 dBA and even lower at controlled speed


  • Controls
    Type of connector: Type E/F (CEE7/7)
    Frequency converter: Built-in
  • Liquid :
    Pumped liquid: Water
    Liquid temperature range: 0 .. 60 °C
    Selected liquid temperature: 20 °C
    Density: 998.2 kg/m³
  • Technical :
    Pump speed on which pump data are based: 3868 rpm
    Rated flow: 6 m³/h
    Rated head: 47.8 m

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