Nocchi Pentair Drenox 250A

Nocchi Pentair Drenox 250A Automatic Electric Submersible pump for fresh water drainage.

The pumps in the DRENOX series are constructed in 100% stainless steel AISI 304. The motor is cooled via a heat exchange chamber that enables the machine to run for long periods without being complete immersed. Hose bend connector 32 mm supplied. Automatic version (auto) equipped with float switch.


  • Drainage of infiltration water, lifting of rainwater, from grilles or drains, lifting of domestic waste water, emptying of areas, tanks and swimming pols, industrial applications
  • Fountains and water features
  • Gravity irrigation systems
Nocchi Pentair Drenox 250A


  • Type of liquid: clear partially loaded or contaminated water, non-aggressive liquids
  • Maximum liquid temperature: 40°C.
  • Maximum immersion below water level: 7 m.
  • Minimum drainage level 3 mm for model 80/7, and 35 mm for remaining models (on manual version)
  • Free transit of solid bodies 3 mm for model 80/7, and 6 mm for remaining models.


  • Dry motor with stainless steel body
  • Protection rating IP 68
  • Insulation class F.
  • Single phase power supply with permanently activated capacitor and thermal cut out protection incorporated in the motor winding
  • Three phase power supply with external protection to be fitted by the user
  • Fully insulated cable connection chamber
  • Self-lubricating ball bearings
  • Rotation speed 2850 rpm

Specification Nocchi Pentair Drenox 250A :

  • Model : DRENOX 250/10 AUT
  • Motor Output : 0.75 HP 0.55 KW
  • Motor Power : 1.2 HP 0.9 KW
  • Volt : 1-220-240V
Total Head (M)

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