Submersible Pump HCP AS215

Submersible Pump HCP AS215 Dewatering Pump for dewatering fluid, civil engineering, and industrial


  • Designed for civil engineering applications; its easy portability, double outer casing nd water cooling motor make it possible to run the pump to low water level
  • Epoxy Resin cable with IP68 standard for waterproof structure, automatic rest motor protector, and double mechanical seal made of silicon carbide. Equipped with an AC motor protector, to further obtain the best insulated status. It is a very durable and abrasion resistant pump.
  • Multi-impeller design with High Chrome Alloy steel (HiCr) impeller, wear plate and wear rings with a hardness 55~60 Rockwell. Its hardest and toughest impeller, among the constraction pump, against abrasion, and meets the requirements from low to high head and small to big capacity.
  • AS 1.5~7.5kW, equipped with Flange discharge connection. The outer cover is built with high strength stainless steel.
Submersible Pump HCP AS215


  • Civil engineering, dewatering for tunnel engineering and ground works, and for use in storm water sewers
  • Dewatering of fluids containing solid sediments
  • Ease of mobility for use by contractors, installers and service industries.

Specification of Submersible Pump HCP AS215

Discharge : 50 mm, 80 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm

Limit Of Use

Liquid Temp : 0~40°C (32~104°F)

Applications : construction sites and basins dewatering

Submersion Depth : 30 m (100 feet)


Frequency : 50Hz

Motor : 2P (3000 RPM) and Dry motor

Insulation : Class B (1.5HP ) and Class F (5~10HP)

Protection : IP68

Protector : Auto-Cut

Bearing : Ball Type

M.Seal : Double M.seal

Impeller : Semi-Open (H) and Enclosed-Channel (N/L)


Outer Cover : SUS304

Upper Cover : FC-200

Motor Frame : SUS304 (1.5 HP) and FC-200 (2~10HP)

Shaft End : SUS403 (1 1/1~3HP) and SUS304 (5~10HP)

Impeller : HiCrFC

M.seal :

* Upper : Carbon/ceramic

* Lower : Silicon/Silicon

Casing : FC-200

Cable : VCT or H07RN-F or SOW (10HP/230V : SJOW)


Pump can be customized to fit specifications


Model : AS-215

Power : 1 1/2 HP (1.1 kW)

Discharge : 2 Inch (50 mm)

Phase : 1 phase and 3 Phase

Start Method : Capacitor and direct

Head : 13.5 m

Capacity : 0.2 m³/min

Capacity : 12 m³/h

Solid Passage : 7.5 m

Weight 1 ø : 28 kg

Weight 3 ø : 24 kg

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