Wastewater Pump Padova A-05A

Wastewater Pump Padova A-05A for Drainage of construction site and subway, flood control/prevent of public construction, irrigation, water circulation of aquaculture and landscape pond, etc.

Wastewater Pump Padova A-05A


  • Mini size, lightweight and superior to same grades of other pumps.
  • Motor frame, shaft, screws and strainer made of stainless steel to provide long service life and attractive appearance
  • Good performance, high water volume and energy saving, high wear resistant mechanical seal and oil seal for maintain long time operation
  • Dependable laminated sheet of Si steel is adopted to motor; shaft and rotor are machining precisely to raise stability and efficiency of motor.
  • Inner cable wires and cable case are upgraded by filling EPOXY to raise humidity-resistance.
  • The product range is up to 15HP, dual SIC mechanical seal is built in ( 1 1/2 Hp and above), and stress eliminating design is adopted (10 hp and above) to raise operating efficiency
  • Superior design to easily disassemble motor and pump housing for maintenance


  • Discharge : 40 mm, 50 mm, 80 mm, 100 mm
  • Limit Of Use
    Liquid Temp : 0~40°C (32~104°F)
    Applications : Wastewater sewage and drainage water
    Submersion Depth : 30 m (100 feet)
  • Type
    Frequency : 50Hz
    Motor : 2P (3000 RPM) and Dry motor (A-05A : Oil motor)
    Insulation : Class B
    Protection : IP68
    Protector : Auto-Cut (A-05A 3ø none, A-05A/B/L 1ø Overheat)
    Bearing : Ball Type
    M. Seal : Double M. seal (A-05A : Single M. seal)
    Impeller : Semi-Open (A-43 : Enclosed-Channel)
  • Material
    Upper Cover : FC-200
    Motor Frame : SUS304
    Shaft End : SUS410 (0.5~1.5HP) and SUS403 (2~3HP)
    Impeller : FC-200 (A-05A/B : PA)
  • M. seal :
    Upper : Carbon/ceramic
    Lower : Silicon/Silicon
    Casing : FC-200
    Cable : VCT or H07RN-F or SOW (10HP/230V : SJOW)

Specification of Wastewater Pump Padova A-05A

Output Hp (Kw)1/2 (0.5)
Discharge (Inch)2″
Phase1 ∅
Head (m)8
Cpacity (m³/min)0.1
Length (mm)230
Width (mm)160
Height (mm)345
Weight (mm)14.5

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