Sewage Pump Padova F31U

Sewage Pump Padova F31U  for Drainage of basement, food market and animal husbandry, water treatment of wastewater plant, drainage of water refining and drainage of various industrial wastewater.

Sewage Pump Padova F31U


  1. AC protector and thermal protector are built-in to prevent motor overheat and overload (except F-05A).
  2. Dependable laminated sheet of Si steel for motor, shaft and rotor are machining precisely to raise stability and efficiency of motor.
    Motor frame, shaft, screws made of stainless steel to provide long service life and attractive appearance
  3. Impeller for special water flow, muddy liquid and other various wastewater can be efficiently drained
  4. The product range is up to 15Hp, dual SIC mechanical seal is built in ( 1 1/2 HP and above)
  5. Inner cable wires and cable base are upgraded by filling EPOXY to raise humidity-resistance.
  6. Superior design to easily disassemble motor and pump housing for maintenance


  • Limit Of Use
    Liquid Temp : 0~40°C (32~104°F)
    Applications : General wastewater and sewage water and industrial waster
    Submersion Depth : 30 m (100 feet)
  • Type
    Frequency : 50Hz
    Motor : 2P (3000 RPM) and Dry motor (F-05A : Oil Motor)
    Insulation : Class B
    Protection : IP68
    Protector : Auto-Cut (F-05A 3ø : none, F-05A/U 1ø : Overheat)
    Bearing : Ball Type
    M. Seal : Double M. seal (F-05A: Single M. seal)
    Impeller : Semi-Open
  • Material
    Upper Cover : FC-200
    Motor Frame : SUS304
    Shaft End : SUS410 (0.5~1HP) and SUS403 (2~3HP)
    Impeller : FC-200 (F-05A: PA)
    M. seal :
    – Upper : Carbon/ceramic
    – Lower : Silicon/Silicon
    Casing : FC-200
    Agitator : FCD-700 + Heat treatment
    Wear Ring : AFG-610/615 : Chrome Steel

Specification of Sewage Pump Padova F31U

Output : HP (kW)1 (0.75)
Discharge (inch)3″
Phase1 ∅
Standard Head (m)6.5
Standard capacity m³/min0.4
Free passage (mm)12
Length (mm)300
Width (mm)210
Height (mm)460
Weight (kg)20

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