Showfou Submersible Pump SH1032

Showfou Submersible Pump SH1032 Submersible High Head Pump for clean water.

Advantages Of Using Submersible Pump Compare To Centrifugal Pumps :

  1. Quiet, The well-balanced motor shaft and impeller enable the pump to run evenly with less noise.
  2. Special designed submersible pumps for water-pool use, quiet and noiseless
  3. No special space require, easy installation maintenance and free of pre-filling water
  4. Rugged and Light-Weight, Designed to be light, so easy to carry and handle.
  5. Triplex Seal System, Oil-bathed Double mechanical seals(Ceramic/Carbon) plus a separate oil seal to ensure a longer pump life
Showfou Submersible Pump SH1032

Features :

  1. The parts of motor casing screw and strainer are made of stainless steel
  2. Adopted turbine flow designed and two poles motors, get high head and capacity and save a third energy as compared with other brand pump
  3. The impeller is precisely balanced for maximum performance to assure smooth vibrationless and durable operation

Application :

  1. Agricultural irrigations and water supply in slope area
  2. Shallow well
  3. Water-supplying systems of apartment building
  4. Spraying sysstem of yard and garden
  5. Any kind of high head water supply

Specifications Showfou Submersible Pump SH1032 :


Type : SH-1032

Power : 7.5 KW (10 Hp)

Phase : 3

Volt : 200-480


Discharge diameter : 4 Inch 100 mm

Maximum Head : 43 Meter

Maximum Flow : 1.29 m³/min

Cable : 5.5² x 10 mm²/M

Weight : 77 kg

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