Tsurumi Waste Water Pump 150B437

Tsurumi Waste Water Pump 150B437 a basic heavy-duty, submersible sewage and wastewater pumps providing excellent foreign matter passing capability with reliable operation.
Offer a wide lineup of discharge bores ranging from 50-300 mm and motor outputs 0.4-75 kW, and come in a variety of models including high head type and single-phase BP models that can handle high volume pumping demand

Tsurumi Waste Water Pump 150B437

Description :

Tsurumi Waste Water Pump 150B437 pump have accumulated various track record and know-how in a wide range of industrial and water treatment applications for many years. Using a channel impeller, they are designed to minimize trouble due to clogged solids and fibrous matter in pumped fluids.

Components :

  • Anti-wicking cable
  • Motor protector,
  • Dual inside mechanical seals with silicon carbide faces
  • Oil Lifter

The B-series pumps can help you keep your systems – whether for wastewater drainage, water treatment, flood control, irrigation and recreation facilities – running stably and greatly reduce your maintenance costs. Additionally, the pumps can be specially configured with discharge bores of 400 mm and greater, or as an option, adapted for dry pit applications where they can be installed indoors and outside a tank, as well as for seawater or high temperature liquids, paving the way for their use at shipyards and power plants for water intake and discharge.

Specifications :

Discharge Bore : 150 mm

Free standing : 150b437

Motor output : 37 kW

Phase : Single

Starting Method : Star-Delta

Dimension L x W x H : 1085 x 724 x 1548

Dry Wight : 640

Cable Length : 10 m

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