Submersible Pump Tsurumi 200BZ455

Submersible Pump Tsurumi 200BZ455 Submersible Sewage Pumps with Channel Impeller designed with a shrouded single/ two-channel impeller and wide passages of over 3 inches (76.2 mm) in diameter to minimize trouble due to clogged solids. In addition, as mid to large sized pumps with 22-75 kW of drive power, they raise the already high pump efficiency standard of predecessor sewage and wastewater pumps of the Tsurumi brand with even better energy efficiency.

Submersible Pump Tsurumi 200BZ455

Description :

BZ Series offers a wide lineup of discharge bores ranging from 80 Р350 mm and motor outputs of 1.5 Р75 kW. Moreover, the pumps can be used with Tsurumi’s guide rail fitting
device that facilitates installation and maintenance.

The BZ-series pumps come packed with a number of original technologies developed and honed over years of service including an anti-wicking cable, motor protector, dual inside mechanical seals with silicon carbide faces and Oil Lifter. Highly reliable and durable, Submersible Pump Tsurumi 200BZ455 designed and built for sound quality and continuous duty that can help you keep your systems — whether for wastewater drainage, pumping or flood control running stably and greatly reduce your maintenance costs. As an option, the pumps can be adapted for seawater, high temperature liquids or other special application.

Specification :

  • Discharge bore : 200 mm
  • Model (free standing) : 200BZ445
  • Motor output : 45 kW
  • Phase : three
  • Starting Method : Star-Delta
  • Solid passage : 76.2 mm
  • Dimension : 1208x760x1584
  • Dry weight : 840 kg
  • Cable length : 10 m

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