Drainage Pump Tsurumi GSZ5-22-6

Drainage Pump Tsurumi GSZ5-22-6 High volume dewatering pumps.

Description :

GSZ Series is one of the most formidable high volume submersible dewatering pumps available. With impeller materials of High Chrome and Stainless Steel, the GSZ series tackles the most aggressive dewatering applications. The side discharge design allows a smooth passage of abrasive materials.

Drainage Pump Tsurumi GSZ5-22-6

Tsurumi’s exclusive Seal Pressure Relief Ports further protect the mechanical seals on the 4-pole, 1800 RPM models by providing a flow path above the pump casing to allow a release of water to flow from the pump and away from the shaft. The mechanical seals remain isolated in the oil chamber above this flow path and are protected from any excessive pumping pressure or water hammer that may cause premature wear or failure of the mechanical seals in high pressure applications. Extended operation at low water levels is made possible by utilizing a water jacket that surrounds the motor housing. A portion of the water is allowed to flow completely around the motor on its way to the side discharge.

Features :

  • High Volume Pumping
  • 4 Pole, 1800 RPM Motors / 6 Pole, 1200 RPM Motors
  • Lower Impeller Tip Speeds for Longer Life
  • Rugged Iron Construction
  • Anti-Wicking Cable Entrance
  • Dual Silicon Carbide Mechanical Seals
  • Oil Lifter
  • Internal Thermal Motor Protection
  • Water Jacket for Motor Cooling

Material :

  • Impeller: High Chrome or Stainless Steel
  • Casing: Cast Iron
  • Mechanical Seal: Silicon Carbide
  • Motor Frame: Cast Iron / Cooling Jacket
  • Shaft: 420 Stainless Steel
  • Fasteners: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Cable: Chloroprene Sheath

Specification of Drainage Pump Tsurumi GSZ5-22-6 :

  • Discharge Bore : 200 mm
  • Model : GSZ5-22-6
  • Motor Output : 22 kW
  • Phase : 3
  • Starting Method : D.O.L
  • Solid passage : 50 mm
  • Dimension (L x H) : 965 mm x 1360 mm
  • Dry Weight : 685 kg
  • Cable Length : 10 m

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