Nocchi Pump JET Series

Nocchi Pump JET Series is designed mainly for water distribution, pressurized water systems and water lifting applications, these pumps have an integrated ejector that allows  them to perform high suction lifts thus being an ideal pump for lifting water from wells.

Nocchi Pump JET Series


Nocchi Pump JET Series pump range is only suitable for clean water.

Common applications include; extracting water from a well, lifting water that contains large amounts of air or gases, boosting water pressure, garden use or jet washing.  Pumped fluids must be clean or slightly dirty and free of solid or abrasive particles.

The largest self priming JET pump models are capable of producing pressures up to 8 bar and flow rates up to 100 l/min

Motor options include 230V single phase 50Hz and 230V/400V three phase 50Hz, other voltages and 60Hz motors are available on request.


  • Lifting and distribution of water in domestic system, with continuous or intermitten duty
  • Pressure booster systems
  • Washing, irrigation of vegetable gardens, supply to fountains, transfer.
  • Lifting from wells or cisterns.


  • Type of liquid : clean water without suspended solid bodies or abrasive material
  • Maximum liquid temperature : 50 degree c
  • Maximum recommended suction height : 8 m with foot valve
  • Maximum Operating Pressure : 6 bar (10 bar for mod. 100-160)

Motor :

  • Closed, ventilated from exterior
  • Protection rating IP 44
  • Insulation class F
  • Single phase power supply with permanently activated capacitor and thermal cutout protection incorporated in the motor winding
  • Three phase power supply with external protection to fitted by the user
  • Rotation speed 2850 rpm
  • Continuous duty

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