Honeywell Air Cleaner F57B

Air Cleaner Honeywell F57b flush mount commercial electronic air cleaners are ceiling mounted. The F57B removes air bone contaminants such as tobacco smoke and dust from the air circulated through the F57

Honeywell Air Cleaner F57B


  • Removes staining dirt from the air as measured by the Dust Spot Method using atmospheric dust
  • Three speed motor driven fan circulates up to 1030 cfm (1750 m3/hr)
  • Available in 220 – 240 Vac 50Hz
  • Heavy duty commercial cells and pre filter are removable for cleaning
  • Solid state power supply self – regulating and maintains peak efficiency during a wide range of cell dirt – loading conditions
  • Provides Coanda air distribution (recirculation of clean air in 6 directions)
  • LEDs indicate ON dan CHECK
  • Selectable infrared remote control models for easy operation

Technical Specification of Honeywell Air Cleaner F57B

  • No of cells : 1 commercial cells
  • Capacity : 485 cfm (714 m3/ hr)
  • Mounting : Ceiling mounted (flush mount)
  • Door/ grille : type Louvered
  • Include : Solid state power supply assembly, pre filter, inlet – outlet grille, power and speed control
  • Accessories : switch, performance selection switch, collector test button, 3 speed motor driven fan, interlock switch (access grille), vinyl trim flanges, exhaust air vent
  • Electrical ratings : 220 – 240 V 50 Hz
  • Operating : Not higher than 77 deg. F (25 deg. C)
  • Ambient : For brief periods 104 deg. F (40 deg. CPost navigation

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