Centrifugal Pump CNP DRL

Centrifugal Pump CNP DRL Variable speed PID Controlled Booster equipment.


This variable speed PID controlled booster system is a sophisticated system, composed of latest technology PID variable speed control cabinet and more than two sets of parallel pumps. It can be automatically adjusted to fulfill the requirement of constant pressure, variable flow water supply. The pressure of the water supply system always keeps the best state of high efficiency and energy saving.

Centrifugal Pump CNP DRL


  • Resident water for living : such as high – rise building, resident community, villa
  • Public places : such as hospital, school, gymnasium, golf court, airport
  • Commercial building : such as hotel, office building, department store, large – scale sauna
  • Irrigation : such as park, amusement park, orchard, farm
  • Manufacturing industry : such as production manufacturing, washing device, food industry, factory


  • Solve the problem of low hydraulic pressure
    The booster system keeps the water pressure stable in the whole building
  • Avoid water pollution caused by roof tank
    Replace the traditional roof tank water supply way, eliminate the source of water pollution
  • Reduce the construction cost and enlarge the space
    Eliminate traditional roof tank, reduce the stress for the building, structure is simple, lower cost
  • Save power, less space
    Compared with common water supply equipment, it may save more than 30% electric energy. This equipment covers less floor area, its installation simple and construction period shorter

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