SEWAGE PUMP CNP 40WQ Submersible sewage pump for :

  • Sewage water treatment system for construction, industrial enterprises, municipal projects, etc
  • Drainage, waste water treatment for city environmental protection system
  • Prospection, mines, etc
  • Irrigation, fen, aquaculture, fountain, etc

Working Conditions :

  • Power supply: 50 Hz, 3 x 380V
  • Medium temperature shall less than 40 deg. C, PH value is between 4 to 10. Medium density shall less than 1200 kg/m3, solid and liquid ratio shall less than 2%
  • The lowest liquid level shall in conform to the lowest liquid in the size dimension
  • The pump is not suitable for strong corrosive fluids or strong corrosive solid
  • The solid diameter in the medium shall not exceed the maximal allowed solid diameter


  • The special cable production process can prevent water leak to motor cabinet when cable cover is broken or the front of cable is submersed
  • Specially designed submersible motor with the protection level of IPX8, insulation class F. The allowed cooling temperature rise is high, submerged cooling effect is good, the actual temperature rise is low, motor insulation life is long, it ensures that the motor can automatically cut off the power supply in abnormal condition
  • The product is fitted with outside frameworks oil seal and double mechanical seal
  • The hydraulic lifter which is installed inside oil chamber ensures the lubrication of mechanical seal when the oil level is low
  • The design of automatic vent valve enables the pump to exhaust air automatically when pumping water


ModelDiameterCapacityHeadSpeedPowerRated voltageRated CurrentMax. diameter of passing solid Weight
40WQ12–10-0.7540 mm12 m3/h10 m2850 rpm0.75 kw380 V1.8 A15 mm21.5 kg
40WQ8-15-1.1 (1)40 mm8 m3/h15 m2850 rpm1.1 kW380 V2.6 A15 mm21.5 kg
40WQ15-8-140 mm15 m3/h8 m2850 rpm1.1 kW380 V2.6 A20 mm25.5 kg
40WQ15-13-1.140 mm15 m3/h13 m2850 rpm1.1 kW380 V2.6 A15 mm23.5 kg
40WQ12-18-1.540 mm12 m3/h18 m2880 rpm1.5 kW380 V3.3 A20 mm33 kg

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