Dewatering Pump Showfou KS312

Dewatering Pump Showfou KS312 Submersible dewatering pump, Top discharge water cooling design, widely used for agricultural irrigation, aquaculture for shrimp and fish farm, or fountain use.

Dewatering Pump Showfou KS312


  • Compact size, lightweight, and easy operation.
  • Especially top outlet design with easy connection, suitable for different types of dewatering work.
  • Being cooled by water and maintained at a safe temperature while in use, the motor could have a longer life.
  • Specially designed impeller curvature to obtain larger output water volume.
  • The suction cover adopts BC6 material to endure the erosion of seawater.
  • The unique EPOXY cable sealing base prevents the motor against water penetration.
  • Double Mechanical Seal and separate oil seal.
  • An optional sacrificial anode is upon request. In seawater or brine, adding sacrificial anodes will prevent the surface of the pump from corroding


  • Basement drainage.
  • Water supply for landscape and water feature.
  • Agricultural and horticultural irrigation.
  • Water supply for fountains and water features.
  • Water discharge work for ships.
  • Any kind of standing water and water discharge

Technical Specification Dewatering Pump Showfou KS312

  • Model : KS 312
  • Power : 3 hp 2.2 kw 3 phase 220 V
  • 2 Poles
  • Discharge : 4 inch 100 mm
  • Max. head : 14 m
  • Maximum flow : 1.3 m3/ min
  • Weight : 48 kg

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