Torishima Pump CPEN Series

Torishima CPEN Series End Suction is a new model of Stainless Steel Semi – process Pump with stable pump performance, high efficiency and low NPSH required. Compact high efficiency for economical energy-saving design.

Torishima Pump CPEN Series

Applicable Liquid :

  • Clean water
  • Hot water
  • Pure water
  • Brine
  • Sea water
  • Alkaline liquid
  • Acid Liquid
  • Solvent
  • Oil
  • Caustic Soda, etc.


  • High efficiency, highly stable characteristics
    Has precision casting impeller that ensures, high efficiency and highly stable characteristics
  • Excellent hydraulic characteristics
    Has adopted a newly developed hydraulic characteristic that ensures high efficiency and low NPSHr
  • Non Asbestos packing
    Use taking environmental preservation into account
  • Single mechanical seal used as the standard type of shaft sealing (Uncooled construction can be applied up to 140 deg. c)
    Used as standard type of shaft sealing. The seal saves resources by preventing the pumped liquid from leaking and minimizes maintenance
  • Back Pull Out (B.P.O)
    The BPO construction facilitates disassembly and inspection
  • Grease lubrication used as the standard specification
    The grease filled sealed ball bearing is used as the standard type. The bearing housing for outdoor use is employed as the standard specification

Standard Specification of Torishima Pump CPEN Series :

Size : DN 40 to 200 mm
Capacity : Up to 240m³/hr (4m³/min)
Total Head : Up to 88 mm
Operating temperature :
* -10 up to 70℃ (standard)
* -15 UP TO 140℃ (optional)

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