Torishima Pump CAL Series

Torishima Pump CAL Series Cast Iron End Suction Volute Pump


  • Utility
    – Co – generation : Cooling water pump, hot water (circulation) pump
    – Air conditioning : Cold water pump, cooling water pump, hot water pump
  • Iron and Metal
    – Power generation : Deaerator feed water pump
    – Hot rolling : Transfer pump, hot water pump, water pumping pump, filtrate pump, back wash pump
    – Flue gas desulfurization : Cooling water pump, industrial water pump
  • Food and beverage
    – Manufacturing process : Cold water pump, cooling water pump, recycle water pump, filtrate pump, sprinkling pump
    – Refrigerator : Chilled pump, defrost pump
  • Garbage Incinerating plant :
    – Power generation : Deaerator feed water pump, condensate pump
    – Heat decrease tower : Heat decrease pump, spray pump for heat decrease tower
    Drainage : reuse water pump (pumping, transferring, feeding)
Torishima Pump CAL Series


  • Handled liquid :
    – Kinds : Clean water, warm water, oil, chemical medicine, alkaline solution, brine, heat transfer media, abrasive slurry liquid under 3wt%, etc.
    – Temperature : -10 deg. C, max. 100 deg. C (Standard)
  • Max. discharge pressure : 1 Mpa (10 kg/ cm2G)
  • Max. suction pressure : 0.8Mpa
  • Design :
    Impeller : Closed
    Shaft seals : Single mechanical seal
    Water injection for shaft seal : Internal injection
    Lubricated bearing : Grease lubrication
  • Flange standard, Suction/ Discharge direction : JIS 10KRF, Shaft direction suction/ Vertical top discharge
  • Pump Material :
    Casing : FC 250
    Impeller : FC 200
    Shaft : SUS420J2
    Case wear ring : FC 200

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