Submersible Pump Tsurumi KTV2-8

 Submersible Pump Tsurumi KTV2-8 submersible pumps of lightweight compact design, drainage pumps of lightweight compact design.

Submersible Pump Tsurumi KTV2-8

Description :

The pump body is made of die-casted aluminum alloy, which is extremely advantageous in terms of portability. The sleeves that protect the pump casing, oil casing and water passages are made of synthetic rubber as a consideration against wear. The impeller is of semi-vortex design that considerably reduces performance drop caused by wear. As such, these Tsurumi pumps provide excellent reliability and durability that enable continuous duty for long periods of time.

Components :

  • Anti-wicking Cable Entry
  • Cable Clip
    Prevents unexpected water incursion that can occur if the cable is damaged, by protecting the cable against the tugging and rough handling found at construction sites.
  • Circle Thermal Protector
    Directly cuts the motor circuit if excessive heat builds up or overcurrent occurs in the motor.
  • Shaft
    Made of a solid material (without welds) of thoroughly proven bending strength and tensile strength.
  • Die-casted Aluminum Alloy Body & Wear-resistant Synthetic Rubber
    Provide a great advantage in terms of portability.
  • Dual Inside Mechanical Seals with Silicon Carbide Faces
  • Oil Lifter
  • V-ring
    Used as a “Dust Seal”, it protects the mechanical seal from abrasive particles.
  • Protection Plate (excluding 0.75kW)
    Protect the oil casing made of aluminum alloy die casting from abrasive particles.
  • Urethane Rubber or Ductile Cast Iron Semi-vortex Impeller
    Resists wear caused by abrasive particles and enables the pump to maintain its original performance for an extended period of time.

Specification of Submersible Pump Tsurumi KTV2-8 :

Discharge bore : 50 mm

Model : KTV2-8

Motor Output : 0.75 kW

Phase : Three

Starting Method : D.O.L

Solid Passages 8.5 mm

Dry Weight : 11.5 kg

Cable Length : 5 m

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