Vacuum Pump Kundea KV4

Vacuum Pump Kundea KV4 Oil Bath Type Vacuum Pump adopts outer box type with two movable wings, absorbs automatically lubricant to reduce wear, and keeps long high vacuum with high efficiency, small volume and less horse power.

Vacuum Pump Kundea KV4


Vacuum Pump Kundea KV4 use for operations of vacuum drying, concentrating, filtering, vaporing, dehydrating, exhausting, delivering, testing and plastics shaping.


  • Model : KV-4
  • Power : 2 HP
  • DISP. Capacity : 500 DI/Min
  • Rev. Speed : 500 rpm
  • Vacuum : 0.1 Torr
  • Remarks : 1 stage
ModelPowerDISP. Capacity Rev. Speed VacuumPipe Dia
KV-10.25 HP80 DI/min600 RPM0.1 Torr1 Stage
KV-20.5 HP150 DI/min600 RPM0.1 Torr1 Stage
KV-31 HP300 DI/min500 RPM0.1 Torr1 Stage
KV-42 HP500 DI/min500 RPM0.1 Torr1 Stage
KWV-20.5 HP150 DI/min600 RPM0.05 Torr2 Stages
KWV-31 HP300 DI/min500 RPM0.05 Torr2 Stages

We also supply Vacuum Pump 1 Stage Water Sealed Vacuum Pump, use for water vapor or eroded gas with the specification :


  • Model : KB-1 (Single stage)
  • DISP. Capacity : 280 DI/min
  • Vacuum : 60 torr
  • Power : 1 HP
  • Rev. Speed : 3500 RPM
  • Pipe Diameter : 1 Inch
  • Water Discharge : 4 l/min
  • Dimension (W x H x L) : 226 mm x 290 mm x 630 mm
  • Weight : 40 kg (w/motor)

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