Kundea Vacuum Pump KR

Kundea Vacuum Pump KR Round Wheel Eccentric Gyration Vacuum Pump.

While operating, its oil circularly turns without abrasion with fast exhaust, low noise, high vacuum degree, and its life has 3 times longer than others.

Kundea Vacuum Pump KR


Power DISP. CapacityRev.Speed
2 Hp800 DI/min430 rpm
3 Hp1500 DI/min 430 rpm
5 Hp2500 DI/min 430 rpm
7.5 Hp4000 DI/min 430 rpm
10 Hp6000 DI/min 430 rpm
15 Hp75000 DI/min 430 rpm

We also supply Vacuum Pump used for vacuum distilling, drying, dehydrating, exhausting, delivering and shaping. See below for specifications :

ModelPower DISP. Capacity Rev. Speed Vacuum Pipe DiaRemarks
KRV-11 HP500 DI/min430 RPM7 Torr1 inchAir Cooling
KRV-22~3 HP1100 DI/min350 RPM7 Torr1.5 inchAir Cooling
KRV-35 HP2200 DI/min330 RPM5 Torr2 inchAir Cooling
KRV-45 HP2200 DI/min330 RPM5 Torr2 inchWater Cooling
KRV-57.5 HP3500 DI/min330 RPM5 Torr2.5 inchWater Cooling

Vacuum Pump 1 Stage Water Sealed Vacuum Pump, use for water vapor or eroded gas with the specification :


  • Model : KB-1 (Single stage)
  • DISP. Capacity : 280 DI/min
  • Vacuum : 60 torr
  • Power : 1 HP
  • Rev. Speed : 3500 RPM
  • Pipe Diameter : 1 Inch
  • Water Discharge : 4 l/min
  • Dimension (W x H x L) : 226 mm x 290 mm x 630 mm
  • Weight : 40 kg (w/motor)

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