Gear Pump Kundea KD1

Gear Pump Kundea KD1 Direct type gear pump.

Small Volume, high pressure, low noise , large output, easy maintenance; it can develop high efficiency. Its shaft is specially treated with long wearing resisting

Gear Pump Kundea KD1


For pumping various kinds of syrup, sauce, jam, milk, beverages, lubricants, heavy-oil, asphalt, acetone, glue, benzene, plastic resin, synthetic resin, DOP, coating, ceramic paint, paint, etc.


ModelPipe Dia. PowerRev. SpeedWater Capacity Pressure
KD-10.5 Inch0.5~1 hp1720 rpm20 l/min6
KD-20.75 inch1~2hp1720 rpm30 l/min6
KD-31 inch1~2 hp1720 rpm50 l/min6
KD-41.25 inch2~3 hp1720 rpm60 l/min6
KD-51.5 inch3~10 hp1150 rpm200 l/min6
KD-62 inch5~15 hp 1150 rpm 300 l/min6
KD-73 inch10~20 hp 1150 rpm 500 l/min6
KD-84 inch20~30 hp 1150 rpm 800 l/min6

We also supply for another type and specification, see below for the specification :

Model : KT-3

  • Bore : 1 Inch
  • Rev. Speed : 510 rpm
  • Pressure 2kg/cm2
    Water capacity : 50 l/min
    Power : 1 Hp
  • Pressure 5kg/cm2
    Water capacity : 44 l/min
    Power : 2 Hp

Model : KT-4

  • Bore : 1.5 Inch
  • Rev. Speed : 500 rpm
  • Pressure 2kg/cm2
    Water capacity : 115 l/min
    Power : 2 Hp
  • Pressure 5kg/cm2
    Water capacity : 100 l/min
    Power : 5 Hp

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