Submersible Pump Showfou SSM112N

Submersible Pump Showfou SSM112N Submersible vortex pump has equipped with single blade semi-open non-clogging impeller with advanced shredder mechanism which is designed to destroy the sewage solid by tearing, breaking and ripping them to pieces.

Submersible Pump Showfou SSM112N


  • The specially designed non – clog impeller will create vortex inside the pump casing. The impeller without projection will be especially suitable for transportation of drainage containing belt – shaped piece goods and fiber materials.
  • Advanced Shredder Mechanism
    Surface hardening heat treatment is done on impeller vanes and cutting edges, creating a great shredding job.
  • Epoxy cable sealing base
    Unique “Epoxy Cable Sealing Base” to ensure 100% capability to block the water vapor into the motor from outside
  • Triplex seal system
    Oil-bathed Double mechanical seal(Ceramic/Carbon) plus separate oil seal ensures a longer pump life.
  • Compact and Light-Weight :
    Designed to be light, so easy to carry and handle.
  • Quality Motor with a level of IP68, suitable for continuous duty.
    Digitalized balanced motor shaft and rotor.
  • Economical :
    Long-runnable with less maintenance cos


Drainage of the sewage / waste water from following industries.

  • Confined livestock feeding industry
  • Food stuff processing factory
  • Pulp and paper industry
  • Other relative industrial factories

SPECIFICATIONS Submersible Pump Showfou SSM112N

  • Type : SSM 112N
  • Power: 1 hp 0.75 kW
  • 220 V
  • Discharge : 2 Inch 50 mm
  • Maximum head : 9.0 m
  • Max. flow : 0.48 m3/min

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